Please download the application by clicking the sidebar document

titled Application.  Then, you will need to follow these steps:


  1. Print a hard copy of the application and use the enclosed checklist to be sure your application is complete.

  2. Complete the Student Information and Campus Location Choice form (page 2).

  3. Read, discuss, and complete the Parent/Student Contract (page 3).

  4. Deliver the recommendation forms to your English, Math and Science teachers after completing the information in the upper section (pages 4-6).

  5. Carefully compose both of the required essays and write them in your own handwriting (pages 7a-7b).

  6. Circle high school core classes you would like to take.  Select high school electives only if you are interested.  You are not required to take high school elective courses since you will be taking college courses (page 8).        

  7.  Assemble your completed application and deliver it to the campus you want to attend.  Do not send your application to more than one CSNHS campus. 

  8. Applications are due January 24, 2020 by 2:00PM.


What are the requirements?

Students must submit a completed application.

Students must be either an upcoming junior or senior.

Students must be on track to graduate per CCSD graduation requirements.

Application Review Criteria


Level of courses completed

Test scores

Current teacher recommendations

Student Essay

The mission of the the College of Southern Nevada high School is to provide our students with essential skills, attitudes, and integrity necessary to become successful, responsible citizens. 

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