Interested in applying to CSNHS?
click here for FAQ's and other resources.

You may submit an online application here.

Applications are due January 22, 2021 by 2:00PM


Download the application by clicking link below, then follow the steps listed:


  1. Print a hard copy of the application and use the enclosed checklist to be sure your application is complete.

  2. Complete the Student Information and Campus Location Choice form (page 2).

  3. Read, discuss, and complete the Parent/Student Contract (page 3).

  4. Carefully compose both of the required essays and write them in your own handwriting (pages 4a-4b).

  5. Check high school elective classes you would like to take. This is not required (page 5).        

  6.  Assemble your completed application (including required supporting documents) and deliver or mail to the campus you want to attend.  Do not send your application to more than one CSNHS campus. 

  7. Applications are due January 22, 2021 by 2:00PM.

What are the requirements?

Students must submit a completed application.

Students must be either an upcoming junior or senior.

Students must be on track to graduate per CCSD graduation requirements.


Application Review Criteria


Level of courses completed

Test scores

Student Essay and Statement


“The mission of the College of Southern Nevada High school is to facilitate the successful transition of our students from high school to post-secondary education.”

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