Effective Parent-School Communication

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

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1.  Counselors are available to meet with students, teachers, and/or parents involving a concern initiated in the classroom.

You may contact the counselor using an email linked to their name.  Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled only after parent have communicated with teachers via email or telephone.  Both parent and student are expected to attend the requested conference.

2.  Teachers may find it advisable to confer with the counselor about an individual student on an informal basis prior to a formal referral.

It is appropriate for a classroom teacher to refer the following kinds of problems to their grade-level counselors (referral forms may be obtained from the counseling secretary):

               • Attendance
               • Lack of homework or class work
               • Coming to class unprepared
               • Showing signs of unconcern
               • Personal problems
               • Substance abuse


Parents/guardians who have questions or concerns should feel free to contact teachers or counselors at any time.  If you feel your concern has not resolved in a satisfactory manner, please follow the Effective Parent-School Chain of Command.


“The mission of the College of Southern Nevada High school is to facilitate the successful transition of our students from high school to post-secondary education.”

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