Student Council

An application is required to join CSN HS Student Council. 

Students earn 0.50 elective credit per semester.

Adviser:  Ms. Adesuwa Osazuwa 

What is Student Council?

The functions and level of autonomy of a student council will obviously depend on the grade level and aptitude of the students involved, but generally, the purpose of a student council at any level is to develop leadership. By involving them in school functions beyond just their classrooms, student council gives students opportunity to demonstrate their talents while learning useful skills for the workplace and community. Through student council, student leaders can pursue personal and collective interests by organizing community outreach and other events, and motivating the participation of their peers. Student council also serves as an interface between school management, staff, parents and students. from


“The mission of the College of Southern Nevada High school is to facilitate the successful transition of our students from high school to post-secondary education.”

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